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Who’s Who in OTW

In your text response essays, it is important to discuss a variety of characters from the text. Do you know who is who in On the Waterfront?

Put yourself to the test. Can you name each of the characters pictured? Can you spell their names correctly?

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otw pic


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Character Discussion

Terry Molloy: Make a list of the physical transformations Terry undergoes throughout the film. How does Marlon Brando show his burgeoning pride?

As he is portrayed by Marlon Brando, Terry is often depicted as a mumbling and inarticulate, his body is hunched, his hands are often in his jacket and his head is cowed. This body language depicts a man with low self esteem, with a lack of pride. But as the film progresses so does Terry’s body language change he starts to grow in confidence and holds his head high, especially in the closing scene when he is walking to the waterfront dock doors covered in blood with his head held high.

Why is Terry so reticent to testify? Why do you think he changes his mind?

Terry is firstly reluctant in testifying against the union mob and Johnny Friendly out of mostly fear of how the will react, but he changes his mind after the murder of his Brother Charley. He now doesn’t care about the consequences of him “ratting” on the mob.

How does Terry’s relationship with Edie change him?

Edie softens Terry up in a way, she makes him feel that he can now be come “a somebody”. Through her influence Terry gets the courage to speak up against the union mob.

To what extent do you think Terry is a victim of circumstance?

 His life had been shaped through unfortunate circumstances that firstly got him involved in the union mob.

On more than one occasion, Edie runs away from Terry. Why does she do this?

Edie runs away from Terry because she knows deep down that she is not doing the right thing by being with Terry, because he was involved with the mob and the death of her brother.

In what ways does her physical appearance change? What do you think is meant by this?

Edie becomes more confident throughout the text, so her physical appearance changes. Terry suggests that Edie had ‘scrubbed up nice’ from when she was a young girl. W

hy does she engage in a relationship with Terry?

Because Edie believes she can change terry, make him a better person, which may improve the life for everyone on the docks.

Why does Kazan film the presence of another priest dressed in his cassock? What is the contrast with father Barry?

The presence of the other priest, shows that father Barry is a strong willed man who will stand up for the rights of the longshoremen, compared to the other priest who is scared and timid about speaking out.

Why does father Barry become so involved in the actions of the men?

 He becomes so involved because of the words Edie said to him ‘have you ever hear of a saint that hide in his church’ these words stirs him up to fight for what’s right.

How is father Barry a catalyst for change in the film?

Father Barry’s actions in the film cause the change that is needed to help the situation for the longshoremen; he convinces KO to stand up and then eventually Terry.

How do the other characters in the film describe Charley? Is this different to our experience of him?

The say charley is a thug and a crim who is the brains behind the mod, but we start to see him in a different light after the film when he warns terry about the mob and helps him out.

What do we learn from Johnny’s history that help us to understand the man that he becomes?

His life was tough being a child of ten growing up a ‘stinking watchmen’s pension’ this man him a hard man and he had to work hard to where he was today and noone was gonna take it away.

By Michael

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Thinking about characters

Terry Malloy

Terry Malloy undergoes numerous physical changed throughout the film as his perspective changes. These include:

Joey’s jacket: Edie gives Terry Joey’s jacket. At first Terry is hesitant to wear it but as his morals and perspectives change he is show wearing the jacket in the final scenes.

Terry is resistant to testify against Friendly and the mob because he is aware of how powerful they are and the consequences that he will have to face if he does so. His brother Charley and Terry are both being looked after by the union, they are always given the chance to work and are rewarded for doing Friendly’s dirty work. Another reason Terry is unwilling testify is because he doesn’t want to be known as a ‘rat’.

The significant incident that made Terry change him mind was the death of Charley.

** evidence.

Edie changes Terry as a person; she shows him a different philosophy on life. Terry shows a lot more dignity, sympathy and morals throughout the film after developing a relationship with Edie. Because Edie believes in Terry, he feels a lot more guilty and realises that he has a responsibility towards others.

Although Terry was the one who loured Joey onto the roof, he is also a victim of the incident. It becomes quite obvious that Terry wasn’t fully aware of what the men were going to do to Joey, after he was murdered Terry’s actions show that he is feeling guilty for the death of Joey. However, some would say that Terry was naive not to realise what the men would do, especially when he knew the reason behind it – ratting.

Edie Doyle

**Edie runs away from Terry a number of times throughout the film. This is because

Edie’s physical appearance change throughout the film. At the start of the film she is viewed with ‘young’ girl look. As her relationship with Terry progresses she seems to have a more sophisticated, older look.

Although Terry is responsible for the death of Joey, Edie’s brother, Edie still engages in a relationship with him. At the start of the film Terry gains Edie’s attention with his charm. It’s after Terry saves her in the church that she begins to be drawn to him. She begins to sense gentleness in her when he tells her about his childhood and when she sees him with the pigeons. A significant part in their relationship is when Edie witnesses Terry punch Tullio to stop him throwing food and beer cans, demonstrating the person Terry is becoming.

Father Barry

**Another priest is present in the church cellar scene because

Edie’s words ‘Did you ever hear of a saint hiding in a church’ provoke Father Barry to take action by making him feel guilty and feeling as he should step up to his role. By doing this Father Barry is a catalyst for the significant changes in the film as he tries to make the men do the right thing, he tells them that they won’t be ‘ratting’ they will just be telling the truth. This statement gives some of the men more of an incentive to speak up. Despite being pelted with fruit and beer cans after his speech over the death of Dugan, he doesn’t stop challenging the men to stand up.


To the other characters in the film, Charley is known as Charley the gent. Charley is seen as a well educated business man who is Friendly’s right hand man. However the viewers of the film see a different side to him towards the end when he comes to realise he has used his brother and broken his trust, this leaving him crushed and results in him being murdered by the mob.

Charley and Terry have quite different personalities and have different philosophies on the importance of money and the value life however, they do have some similarities. Like Terry, Charley priorities and values change. Terry becomes more gentle and kind, and stands up for the corruption on the waterfront. Charley realises he has lacked love and care for his brother, which results in him sacrificing himself.

Johnny Friendly

It can be interpreted that the man Friendly has become derived from his childhood. He has risen from a family of 10 children and had to beg for work at the age of 16.


K.O Dugan

**K.O Dugan decides to testify

Pop Doyle

Pop Doyle is given the words ‘he don’t need a doctor, he needs a priest’ because he knew that Dugan had been murdered, not injured. Pop new that the mob wouldn’t let anyone get away with ‘ratting’, and he knew Dugan had suffered the consequence.

**Pop is shown on the tray that lifts Dugan’s body out of the hold because

The director chose Pop to push Friendly into the river for revenge, both for his son’s death, and for 30 years of humiliation on the docks.

Jimmy Collins

Although Jimmy Collins is a minor character in the film, he is placed there to express the feelings and thoughts of many of the other longshoremen, that there is nothing that they can do or say to stop the corrupt union.

Big Mac

In the ‘shape up’, the camera shoots Big Mac

When Big Mac hands out the tabs he holds them back until the workers cant bare it any longer. The workers shove Big Mac and he throws the tabs out so that the desperate workers will fight each other.

When Father Barry mentions Big Mac during his sermon over the body of Dugan, Big Mac seems unsympathetic even knowing that he is partly responsible for Dugan’s death.

Tullio and Truck

The director chose both Tullio and Truck to say ‘definitely’ at different times in the film because it showed that the men idolising Johnny Friendly were simply yes men, men who really couldn’t think for themselves.

By Amy

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Character Reviews


Edie Doyle

Edie Doyle is the sister of Joey Doyle and the Daughter of Pop Doyle. She is a young Catholic teacher trainee who is the honest moral conscious of the film. Edie’s is devastated by her brother’s murder and won’t doesn’t give up until she finds truth and justice. Edie’s father. Pop Doyle, begs her to go back to school but Edie doesn’t want protecting, she feels she won’t be able to keep her mind off what is happening back on the waterfront and demands to stay and get to the bottom of the cause of Joey’s death. Edie provokes Father Barry to help with her words ‘Did you ever hear of a saint hiding in a church?’

Edie’s relationship with Terry demonstrates how much an individual’s personality and values can influence someone else’s behaviour. Edie senses gentleness in Terry. She shows him right from wrong which has a strong effect on him, resulting in Terry speaking up. As their relationship grows they are both transformed physically and emotionally. A significant change to both of the characters was when Edie gave Terry Joey’s jacket. This showing the change of heart Terry had when he wore and the emotional connection and closeness Edie was beginning to feel.


‘Did you ever hear of a saint hiding in a church?’

‘Shouldn’t everybody care about everybody else?’

‘Which side are you with?’

‘But Pop, I’ve seen things that I know are so wrong. Now how can I go back to school and keep my mind on… on things that are just in books, that-that-that aren’t people living?’

‘I’ve never met anyone like you. There’s not a spark of sentiment or romance or human kindness in your whole body.’


Mutt is a local homeless man. Despite seeming drunken and rough, Mutt knows exactly what’s going on. He is sympathetic towards Edie and her brother’s death; however he accuses Terry of being there the night Joey was murdered and won’t take Terry’s money, even though he had just asked them for a dime for a cup of coffee. He quotes ‘You don’t buy me. You’re still a bum.’


‘You got a dime for a cup of coffee?’

‘Your brother was a saint, the only one who ever tried to get me compensation.’

‘You remember, Terry. You was there that night’

‘You don't buy me. You're still a bum.’
‘So long, Edie. Lord have mercy on Joey.’

By Amy
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Character Reviews


Charley is the older brother to Terry Malloy. In the film Charley works for Johnny Friendly and is apart of his mob/group. Charley is apart of the corrupt union that Johnny Friendly is running. If the community members tried to testify against the union, somehow they were always killed before they were to testify. Charley is ordered by Johnny Friendly to interrogate his brother Terry about being talked to by the Crime Commission. Johnny Tells Charley to kill Terry if he needs to. Charley lets Terry get away instead of being killed and gives him his gun; Charley is then taken to the trap and killed. Charley is killed by the mob of Johnny Friendly, and then Terry finds him hanging.

Kayo Dugan:

Kayo Dugan was a longshoremen working on the waterfront, he was going to testify against the corrupt union. Kayo Dugan became close with Father Barry, as Father Barry made Dugan a promise that if he stands up to the mob he will stand up with him.

Kayo stands up to the mob/corrupt union by talking to the crime commission. Johnny Friendly finds out about this and decides to get rid of him. Big Mac drops a crate of cargo on him and kills him, trying to make it look like an accident.

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OTW Character Names and Pictures

Free Quick Character Pictures Guide c/o tickingmind


Pop Doyle

Father Barry

Eddie Doyle



Terry Malloy


Mr. Upstairs

J.P. Morgan

Johnny Friendly


Big Mac

Kayo Duggan